.7z Extension: What Does It Mean?

If one of your files has a .7z extension, you should know that it is the ‘personal’ format of the 7-Zip – a new format of archiving that provides high compression.

It is a common format of data compression that allows you to convert any files into a compact archive. The peculiarity of this format is that it supports several compression algorithms and data encryption, which makes it unique and versatile, suitable for any files. You can find a lot of ways to open a .7z file if you click on the link.

How You Can Open a 7z File

It goes without saying, if this format is created for a specific archiver, the easiest solution would be to use the 7-Zip archiver to open this kind of a file. The same goes about editing and converting it. But 7-Zip archiver works only with Windows, so what about the other platforms? What if you have Linux? Then you should install p7zip archiver and open your mysterious file with it. As for MacOS, use 7zX or keka and find out finally what does your 7Z file contain. You can also use various online ‘openers’ for it.

You can try to open by the WinRar archiver as well, here your success will depend on the version of the 7-zip archiver that was used when creating the file. But it’s better to use 7-zip, which allows you to strongly compress it (stronger than WinRar), especially when it comes to “light” files (for example: documents, texts, etc.).

7-Zip’s Capabilities:

– It works with such formats as 7z, BZIP2, GZIP, ZIP and TAR, is able to archive and unzip them;

– Also it can unzip (but can’t archive) quite a lot of other formats;

– New 7z format with LZMA compression provides a high compression;

– It offers a better compression for ZIP and GZIP formats than the one provided by the WinZip and PKZip archivers;

– The format can self-extract if you use its own archiver;

– Especially for command line it has a powerful version and a file manager;

– For 7z and ZIP formats strong encryption is provided;

– It is translated into 87 languages, so you can surely find there your mother tongue or any language that you learn;

– It has open architecture that means that it is able to support every new compression method. The most common compression method for 7z is LZMA.

How to Convert a 7Z file

The file with the 7z extension is an LZMA archive, which can contain files of almost any type, including very large ones. It’s easy to unzip this folder, special programs 7-Zip were created for this purpose.

The 7-Zip program works only with the Windows platform. As for the other programs, adapted software p7zip for Linux, and 7zX or keka for Mac OS will do. The same programs allow you to change the contents of archives, convert files to other formats.

The simplest way to convert a 7z file is to unpack it using 7-zip and package the contents with another archiver of your choice. WinRAR has a built-in conversion utility that is able to convert a 7z compressed archive to RAR archives.

The 7z format provides the best compression level – this is the reason that it is becoming more and more widespread, and it’s legally free. To top it off, the 7-zip program works perfectly with all archives, and opens everything with ease. In short, 7z is clearly gaining momentum and, undoubtedly, the future is behind this format.