Should you install iTunes for Windows?

It is quite a tough question for a lot of users. Not every Windows user clearly understands which music software is better to have at home.

The Internet is overwhelmed with WinAmp, iTunes and MusicBee fan reviews. Different people provide different arguments why this or that program is better, but in the end, everything is just about a typical battle between Windows and Mac. That’s why we’ve decided to look at this problem from a different point of view. We want to review iTunes as a music software rather than Apple music program.

So, the main question is the same. Is there any point to download iTunes for Windows 10 if you already have a music program installed by default?

Let’s find out.

5 Reasons to Have iTunes on Windows

As you have already understood, we can recommend you as a Windows user to have iTunes on your PC at least as an additional music program. Why?

iTunes latest download version is not a simple software to listen to your favorite songs. This program differs from any other one by a unique combination of a user-friendly interface and a bunch of cool features packed in the simple, at the first sight, program. The following list consists of the basic features which you will get as any other iTunes user. To make it easier to figure everything out a little bit faster, get iTunes download files, install the program, and review it with us.

  • Personalized, customizable library. You can create your own music library directly in iTunes adding as many songs and albums as you want. Later, you can divide that library by playlists created by you or created by the program automatically. For example, top 25 most played songs, top rated, recently played, recently added, etc. You can check every song separately to delete it or update by changing the name or the lyrics;
  • iTunes Store and Radio. The program provides direct access to its own music store and radio, where any user can buy albums or tracks presented by Apple company;
  • Automatic savings. All music you add to iTunes player will be there till you decide to delete it. This means you don’t have to save the library every time you switch off your computer;
  • Easy navigation system. As we have already mentioned, iTunes has a user-friendly interface and a great navigation system. On older music players you have to scroll the list of songs you’ve added to a program to find the one you want. In iTunes, you just have to type the name of the artist in a special field and it will automatically appear. This saves a lot of time.

Generally speaking, iTunes may seem to be a confused system for those who prefer Android over iOS and Windows over Mac. But we can’t deny that this system is one of the most convenient and coolest on the market for now. And by the way, iTunes free download files are very easy to find, download, and install for any Internet user.