Bitdefender – An antivirus software that keeps you safe

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An antivirus is like a watchman that guards the computer system. Its job is to identify threats, keep them at bay and eliminate them if they somehow get into the system to inflict damage.

There are many kinds of viruses, malware and spyware that roam on the internet network and are searching for loopholes in the systems to get an entry. Without an antivirus, these viruses can invade a system and take full control or worse, damage or steal data.

To be secure, an antivirus that can perform multiple security tasks is what you need, and a reliable option is the Bitdefender. It is a famous antivirus that comes with great benefits.

Let’s get to know more about it:


Unlike other antivirus software, this one can protect several devices including computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices that are connected to the internet from multiple threats.

Rescue Mode: Rootkit is a malicious program that is often hidden under links that we see all over the internet. These can enter the system in stealth mode and get access to the system. This way confidential and sensitive corporate or financial data is stolen. Bitdefender can help in this regard as it can find even hidden programs by searching the system for rootkits on startup, and running on Rescue Mode to prevent damage.

Safe Browsing: New spyware, malware and viruses come out on a regular basis. A lot of these enter your system through infected sites. Bitdefender can help in this regard as it scans links and websites before you open them to ensure no virus enters your system.

File Shredder: Deleting a file on a computer or a smartphone is easy. We delete it from the system and from the recycle bin as well. However, this doesn’t delete the file completely and it is still present in the system. But with this option, you can delete all traces of a file and remove the risk of it ever reaching unsafe hands.

Autopiloting: It’s quite a drag when pop-ups, ads and dialogue boxes appear while you’re surfing. With Bitdefender autopilot feature, these pop-ups are turned off so that you can do your work without any issues.

Risk Checker: With just a single click, Bitdefender scans your entire system for broken patches, outdated software, viruses and security loopholes. If found any, the best fix is applied to keep your system safe.

Social Network Protection: A lot of viruses invade your system from famous platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You may not even know that the link you receive from a friend is an infected one and may damage your system. Bitdefender checks all links before you click on them to protect you against damage.

Battery Mode: This intelligent features keeps an eye on the device’s battery, may it be a laptop or a tablet. If the battery is low, it automatically lowers a few settings such as display, brightness etc., to save charge.

Multiware Ransom Protection: Protects your system from ransom attacks by enabling anti-fraud and anti-phishing options.

Bitdefender is gaining immense popularity due to the number of things it can do. While it is a paid software, it is worth the price. Moreover, you can visit platforms like Couponbuffer to get discount codes to get it at lower rates.